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I'm  Kimberly, and I am the sole founder & curator of OUI BEAUTY


I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before moving to Los Angeles to study, train & work as a professional makeup artist & skincare specialist.  Before starting OUI Beauty,  I  worked in beauty, glamour, film, editorial, special effects & various salons across the United States. I then realized that the perfect place to make my dreams come true was back in my hometown of Pittsburgh. 

All that I have ever wanted to do was be a makeup artist. Growing up, my dad (my biggest inspiration) and I would have long conversations about creating my own cosmetics and skincare line. As of 2019, those lifelong dreams became a reality, and OUI was born. I am happy to say that all of Oui Cosmetics are made in the USA, are paraben-free, cruelty-free & EU compliant. 

Our clients can trust our products to be affordable, effective & picked out specifically for them. We love to work with our clients through our Glam Studio to find the perfect skincare regime &  cosmetics that help them feel confidant & beautiful. 

Our goal was to create an upbeat spa atmosphere that focused on results-based skincare & glam services when opening the Glam Studio. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide affordable services that can become a part of every client's self-care routine. 

As we grow, we are open to working with new vendors, other artists & other creators to build an even better community for our clients. 



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